Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Recommends Traveling around Asia

Jul 26, 2013 by

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that people usually plan trips to Asian countries to get exciting experiences at a reasonable cost. Malaysia is famous for the wonderful resorts and spa treatment facilities. It is filled with many historical buildings that people love to visit. China is one of the most populated countries in the world. A lot of people plan business trips there because of its emerging place in the world. There are also many specialties of China including fine china, trade, and consumer goods.

Japan is also another place associated with this. It is filled with many islands that people visit for vacations. Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited understands that Thailand and Singapore are frequently vested locations in the area as well. Their spa treatments and different types of massage are famous all over the world. They also give offers to provide services at your hotel or resort. There you can get full relaxation and calmness.

Some countries like Pakistan and India are visited by tourists as well. Their traditional artifacts that belong to the old Mogul era attract western people a lot. They collect their cultural items and jewelry from here. Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that Asia is mostly visited by people due to trade and investment purposes but these countries are also filled with entertainment and always offer their visitors something special.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Covers the Benefits of Timeshare

Jun 26, 2013 by

Martyn Ravenhill knows that Lloydshare Limited is the leader in Vacation Ownership Linked Deferred Annuities and is frequently referred to as “Customer Loyalty Program.”  When a person invests in a timeshare, for a fraction of that investment, they can purchase a deferred annuity which guarantees their entire initial investment in full at the completion of their contract date.   The only stipulation is that they must keep good faith with that membership and continue paying their annual fees until their partnership ends.

The timeshares that offer this deferred annuity to new owners, and existing owners who are interested in upgrading their current membership, are offering an investment that promotes loyalty.  The new buyers will continue to pay the yearly fees and the vacation clubs will maintain their facilities to the degree one expects from opulence.  Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that to vacation membership owners, regaining their initial investment after many years of enjoying the timeshare is what inspires the loyalty.

To resort owners, loyalty is the continued patronage of their happy, complaint-free clients.  It is a well thought out mechanism that only works when both parties are loyal to the enterprise.   Vacation Ownership linked Deferred Annuities such as the one Lloydshare provides are a sound, fiscal investments because they are founded on a symbiotic relationship.  Martyn Ravenhill knows that everyone gets what they want with this investment and this is why the Lloydshare deferred annuities have been known as a “Customer Loyalty Program.”

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Covers the Vacation Ownership Industry

May 29, 2013 by

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Inc. is the pioneer in providing the creative SPDA, Single Premium Deferred Annuity.  This brilliant plan provides the glue which forges the bond between the resort developers and the timeshare owners themselves.  For a small fee paid just after the timeshare purchase, the original investment will be repaid in full at the time of maturity.

The Lloydshare Deferred Annuities provide the much needed stability in the vacation ownership world. It enables vacationers to invest with impunity knowing that the full value of their initial funds will be recovered. The terms of the annuity state unequivocally that the maintenance fees must be kept current or the buyers won’t be able to recover their investment. This means the grounds will always be kept up to the standards that one comes to expect from luxurious four and five star facilities.

We live in a world where no one trusts anyone or anything.  This has been especially true in the timeshare industry where sometimes in the past a few might have felt ripped off, mostly because of misunderstandings.    This is no longer the case.  Nobody can survive bad press so the timeshare industry is working double time to insure that no one ever feels ripped off and communication is open and very clear.

Lloydshare and Martyn Ravenhill are at the forefront of all of these new innovations in the industry and they are leading the way for others to follow.   Even though Lloydshare has been around for more than ten years now, for many of you they are a relatively new concept.    Martyn Ravenhill, the President and CEO of Lloydshare works endlessly, attending conferences and reading the latest information regarding his industry, and collaborating with his peers just to make the future of the timeshare world brighter for all of us.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Explains How Deferred Annuities Function

Apr 24, 2013 by

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited is a company that pioneered the SPDA  (Single Premium Deferred Annuity) for owners of vacation club memberships or similar programs.  They are currently working with many resort owners and corporations to offer a safety net to timeshare buyers as well as to the resorts themselves.  Even though the deferred annuities are frequently advertised at the resorts, the actual policy can only be purchased through Lloydshare.  It is really what is known as a “win, win” scenario for all involved.    What a marvelous and creative way to protect the investment on both sides.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare knows that purchasing the SPDA insures the vacation clubs against depreciation and protects the buyer’s original investment.  One of the conditions of the deferred annuity is that all of the maintenance fees on the property are kept current.  This enables the resorts to maintain their properties to the standards that the buyers expect when using four and five star establishments.  Of course, if the fees are not kept current, then the buyer will not receive their deferred annuity at the end of the contract’s time frame.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare is aware that if someone made a complaint that they couldn’t collect their purchase price if they sold the property before the completion date.  Well, of course not.  If they sell, they are cashing out and getting their payment at the time of the sale thus making the deferred annuity contract null and void.  If they get their money from the deferred annuity and the cash from the sale, that would mean that they were getting paid twice, like double indemnity.  What a scam that would be!

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare understands that everyone wants to be part of something great!  When you have partners in an enterprise you are only as strong as the weakest link.  The SPDA makes sure that your property will retain full value for as long as you have the deferred annuity and that it will always be the place that you fell in love with when you first bought.    So don’t be ripped off!  Buy your SPDA from Lloydshare!

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare is Given Appreciation Award

Mar 27, 2013 by

Martyn Ravenhill is the President and also CEO of Lloydshare Limited and has just recently received an Appreciation Award for his work by Maxwell Magazine. The award shows Mr. Ravenhill as being featured in the magazine all through this past year as a featured Business Profile. The honor was offered during Maxwell Magazine’s Third anniversary celebration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Martyn Ravenhill had this to say with regards to the award: “Recognition is as equally important as reward in my view, when the two are combined it really demonstrates something meaningful and special. I wish to thank everyone at Maxwell Magazine for their appreciation and continued success.” Lloydshare in addition has obtained a ‘Best Developer Partner’ prize from Perspective Magazine for superior business techniques. In addition they carry on growing inside the market by providing numerous advantages, in addition to respect, to their associates.

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